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Language Diagrams
Computational Techniques for Intelligence Analysis. A Cognitive Approach Loia, Vincenzo;
Orciuoli, Francesco;
Gaeta, Angelo
2023 English 0
Aristotelian Diagrams for the Proportional Quantifier 'Most' Smessaert, Hans;
Demey, Lorenz
2023 English 0
The Modal Logic of Aristotelian Diagrams Frijters, Stef;
Demey, Lorenz
2023 English 0
A Relational Semantics for Ockham's Modalities Falessi, Davide;
Schang, Fabien
2023 English 0
Hegel's Logic of Self-Predication Moss, Gregory S. 2023 English 0
Varieties of Necessity in John Buridan. Logic and Natural Philosophy in the Late Middle Ages Alt, Guido 2023 English 0
The Exoteric Square of Opposition Beziau, Jean-Yves (ed.);
Vandoulakis, Ioannis M. (ed.)
2022 English 0
Augustus De Morgan's Unpublished Octagon of Opposition Heinemann, Anna-Sophie;
Demey, Lorenz
2022 English 0
Possibility and Necessity in the Time of Peter Abelard Binini, Irene 2022 English 0
Divine Action. Challenges for Muslim and Christian Theology Sanders, John (ed.);
von Stosch, Klaus (ed.)
2022 English 0
Philosophical Arguments for an Openist Account of Divine Action Boyd, Gregory A. 2022 English 10
On kno-rights and no-rights Halpin, Andrew 2022 English 0
A Formal Analysis of Generalized Peterson's Syllogisms Related to Graded Peterson's Cube Fiala, Karel;
Murinová, Petra
2022 English 2
Graded cubes of opposition in fuzzy formal concept analysis Boffa, Stefania;
Murinová, Petra;
Novák, Vilém;
Ferbas, Petr
2022 English 0
Logics of (In)sane and (Un)reliable Beliefs Fan, Jie 2022 English 1
The natural history of negation phenomena Veloudis, Ioannis 2022 English 0
Brouwer’s Notion of 'Egoicity' Restović, Ivan 2022 English 0
The Modal Logic of John Fabri of Valenciennes (c. 1500). A Study in Token-Based Semantics Geudens, Christophe;
Demey, Lorenz
2022 English 4
Logic in Question. Talks from the Annual Sorbonne Logic Workshop (2011 - 2019) Beziau, Jean-Yves (ed.);
Desclés, Jean-Pierre (ed.);
Moktefi, Amirouche (ed.);
Pascu, Anca (ed.)
2022 English 0
Is Logic Exceptional? Beziau, Jean-Yves 2022 English 0
Turnstile Figures of Opposition Beziau, Jean-Yves 2022 English 0
Inferences Between Buridan's Modal Propositions Dagys, Jonas;
Pabijutaitė, Živilė;
Giedra, Haroldas
2022 English 0
Language, Form, and Logic. In Pursuit of Natural Logic's Holy Grail Ludlow, Peter;
Živanović, Sašo
2022 English 1
New Developments in Legal Reasoning and Logic. From Ancient Law to Modern Legal Systems Rahman, Shahid (ed.);
Armgardt, Matthias (ed.);
Nordtveit Kvernenes, Hans Christian (ed.)
2022 English 0
Reasoning with Rules and Rights: Term-Modal Deontic Logic Frijters, Stef;
Meheus, Joke;
Van De Putte, Frederik
2022 English 0
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