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a logical geometry project

Stef Frijters

Stef Frijters authored the following 2 sources, containing a total of 0 diagrams.

Frijters, Stef, Joke Meheus, and Frederik Van De Putte. 2022. “Reasoning with Rules and Rights: Term-Modal Deontic Logic.” In New Developments in Legal Reasoning and Logic. From Ancient Law to Modern Legal Systems, edited by Shahid Rahman, Matthias Armgardt, and Hans Christian Nordtveit Kvernenes, 321–352. Cham: Springer. (0 diagrams)
Frijters, Stef. 2021. All Doctors Have an Obligation to Care for Their Patients. Term-Modal Logics for Ethical Reasoning with Quantified Deontic Statements. PhD thesis. Ghent: Universiteit Gent. (0 diagrams)
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