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Privacy policy (Latest update: 08-12-2020)

The web pages of the Leuven Ontology for Aristotelian Diagrams Database (Leonardi.DB) process two types of personal data:

  • contact information, as described below, and
  • cookies, as listed in the cookie policy.

Contact information, consisting of a name and an e-mail address, is collected when a visitor (1) fills in the contact form, or (2) submits a new diagram to the database. In both cases, the sole purpose is to be able to contact the visitor, with the legitimate interest to (1) reply to the sent message, or (2) inquire further about the sent diagram. As soon as this purpose is fulfilled, the data will be deleted. The data are only stored on the institutional e-mail server of the academic institution with which the web pages administrator(s) are currently affiliated. At no point are the data shared with anyone but these web pages administrator(s), nor are the data transferred internationally or used in automated decision making.

Visitors maintain the right to access the personal data collected about them; the right to rectify any information they believe to be inaccurate and to complete any information they believe to be incomplete; the right to erase all personal data collected about them; the right to object to further processing of all personal data collected about them; and the right to transfer all personal data collected about them to another organization or to themselves. These rights can be exercised at any time by contacting the web pages administrator(s) using the contact form. Complaints about this privacy policy, or about compliance with it, can be lodged with the Belgian Data Protection Authority ( Note that this policy is subject to occasional change, as indicated by the date above. It is therefore recommended to check this page regularly for changes.

Cookie policy (Latest update: 08-12-2020)

The web pages of Leonardi.DB only use non-persistent first-party cookies that are strictly necessary for their correct functionality. These consist of:

  • a session cookie, used for authentication of users when they are logged in, which only lasts until the end of a browser session;
  • some flash cookies, used for handling error and success messages, which only last until the next page is loaded; and
  • a single cookie to remember that you hid the popup referring to this policy.
Moreover, when making selections in certain lists, this selection will be stored locally by your browser. Note that while it is possible to manage, remove or block cookies in most browser settings, this may disrupt the correct functionality of the web pages.

Licenses (Latest update: 08-12-2020)

The Leonardi.DB was developed on the Play Framework (Apache 2.0 License; Copyright © 2018 Lightbend Inc.), and uses the free version of Ontotext GraphDB (Copyright © 2015–2020 Ontotext). Advanced access to the database is provided by the Yasgui SPARQL Editor, for which the research programme has a professional license for non-commercial use (Copyright © 2020 Triply B.V.). Furthermore, we thankfully use the following open source projects:

  • SpeakingURL (BSD3 License; Copyright © 2013–2017 Sascha Droste)
  • SimpleBar (MIT License; Copyright © 2015 Jonathan Nicol)
  • RDF-Ext (MIT License; Copyright © 2012–2015 Thomas Bergwinkl)
  • M&M JS Range (MIT License; Copyright © 2017 Mateusz "Soanvig" Koteja)
  • Fuzzball (GPLv2 License; Copyright © Nolan Kaplan)
  • HyLAR (MIT License; Copyright © 2015 Mehdi Terdjimi, Lionel Médini & Michael Mrissa)
  • Choices (MIT License; Copyright © 2016 Josh Johnson)
  • Apache Lucene (Apache 2.0 License; Copyright © 2011–2020 The Apache Software Foundation)
  • Scrimage (Apache 2.0 License; Copyright © 2013–2020 Stephen Samuel)
  • Play Mailer (Apache 2.0 License; Copyright © 2012 Typesafe)
  • Eclipse RDF4J (Eclipse Distribution License 1.0; Copyright © 2007 Eclipse Foundation Inc. and its licensors)
  • Google Guice (Apache 2.0 License; Copyright © 2008 Google LLC)
  • Enumeratum (MIT License; Copyright © 2016 Lloyd Chan)
  • Choices (MIT License; Copyright © 2016 Josh Johnson)
  • Scalatest Plus Play (Apache 2.0 License; Copyright © 2001–2016 Artima Inc.)
  • JavaLite Captcha (Apache 2.0 License; Copyright © 2009–2020 Igor Polevoy)
  • KaTeX (MIT License; Copyright © 2013–2020 Khan Academy)
  • Dropbox-Uploader (GPLv3 License; Copyright © 2013 Andrea Fabrizi)
  • Citeproc-Java (Apache 2.0 License; Copyright © 2013–2019 Michel Krämer)
  • Better-Monadic-For (MIT License; Copyright © 2018 Oleg Pyzhcov)
  • Clipboard.js (MIT License; Copyright © 2015 Zeno Rocha)

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