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a logical geometry project

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Title Contributor(s) Date
Language Diagrams
$2^n$-polygon of Opposition and $2^n$-tuples Satisfying It Shirazi, Fatemah Ayatollah Zadeh 2017 English 0
2-Opposition and the Topological Hexagon Pellissier, Régis 2012 English 0
A Bitstring Semantics for Calculus CL Lemanski, Jens;
Schang, Fabien
2022 English 4
A Brief English Tract of Logick Good, Thomas 1677 English 1
A brief history of negation Speranza, J. L.;
Horn, Laurence
2010 English 1
A Chromatic Hexagon of Psychic Dispositions Beziau, Jean-Yves 2017 English 6
A Companion to Aristotle Anagnostopoulos, Georgios (ed.) 2009 English 0
A Compendium of Logic. The Second Edition, Enlarged Aldrich, Henry;
Wesley, John (ed.)
1756 English 1
A Compendium of Logic. Third Edition, Enlarged Aldrich, Henry;
Wesley, John (ed.)
1790 English 1
A Compendium of Logic: Translated and Abridged from Aldrich Wesley, John;
Jackson, Thomas (ed.)
1836 English 1
A comprehensive model and computational methods to improve Situation Awareness in Intelligence scenarios Gaeta, Angelo;
Loia, Vincenzo;
Orciuoli, Francesco
2021 English 0
A Concise Introduction to Logic Hurley, Patrick J. 2000 English 0
A Constructive View of the Square of Oppositions Tranchini, Luca;
Arndt, Michael
2017 English 0
A Cube of Opposition for Predicate Logic Nilsson, Jørgen Fischer 2020 English 8
A Database of Aristotelian Diagrams: Empirical Foundations for Logical Geometry Demey, Lorenz;
Smessaert, Hans
2022 English 3
A Defeasible Logic of Intention Castro-Manzano, José Martín 2013 English 1
A Diagrammatic Calculus of Syllogisms Pagnan, Ruggero 2012 English 1
A Diagrammatic Calculus of Syllogisms Pagnan, Ruggero 2013 English 1
A Few Worries About the Systematic Metaphysics of Open Future Open Theism Arbour, Benjamin H. 2019 English 1
"At least one" problem with "some" formal reasoning paradigms Schmidt, James R.;
Thompson, Valerie A.
2008 English 2
'My Future Son is Possibly Alive'. Existential Presupposition and Empty Terms in Abelard's Modal Logic Binini, Irene 2018 English 3
'Philoponus', On Aristotle On the Soul 3.9-13, with Stephanus, On Aristotle On Interpretation of Alexandria, Stephanus;
Charlton, William (trans.)
2013 English 0
"Setting" n-Opposition Pellissier, Régis 2008 English 40
'This' as a Singular Quantifier Mackie, J. L. 1958 English 3
'Unless' is 'Or,' Unless '$\neg$A Unless A' is Invalid Cook, Roy T. 2020 English 0
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