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a logical geometry project

Wolfgang Lenzen   (°1946)

Wolfgang Lenzen authored the following 9 sources, containing a total of 69 diagrams.

Lenzen, Wolfgang. 2021. Abaelards Logik. Paderborn: Mentis Verlag. (22 diagrams)
Lenzen, Wolfgang. 2021. “Grice und Moore’s Paradox.” In Analytische Explikationen & Interventionen / Analytical Explications & Interventions Ein Salzburger Symposium für und mit Georg Meggle, edited by Johannes L. Brandl, Beatrice S. Kobow, and Daniel Messelken, 29–56. Paderborn: Mentis Verlag. (0 diagrams)
Lenzen, Wolfgang. 2018. “Leibniz and the Calculus Ratiocinator.” In Technology and Mathematics. Philosophical and Historical Investigations, edited by Sven Ove Hansson, 47–78. Cham: Springer. (1 diagram)
Lenzen, Wolfgang. 2017. “Caramuel’s Theory of Opposition.” South American Journal of Logic 3 (2): 341–368. (19 diagrams)
Lenzen, Wolfgang. 2016. “Leibniz’s Logic and the ‘“Cube of Opposition.”’” Logica Universalis 10 (2–3): 171–189. (7 diagrams)
Lenzen, Wolfgang. 2015. “Caramuel and the ‘Quantification of the Predicate.’” In The Road to Universal Logic. Volume I, edited by Arnold Koslow and Arthur Buchsbaum, 361–384. Cham: Springer. (0 diagrams)
Lenzen, Wolfgang. 2012. “How to Square Knowledge and Belief.” In Around and Beyond the Square of Opposition, edited by Jean-Yves Beziau and Dale Jacquette, 305–311. Basel: Springer. (14 diagrams)
Lenzen, Wolfgang. 2008. “Ploucquet’s ‘“Refutation”’ of the Traditional Square of Opposition.” Logica Universalis 2 (1): 43–58. (6 diagrams)
Lenzen, Wolfgang. n.d. “Leibniz: Logic.” In Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, edited by James Fieser and Bradley Dowden. Martin, TN: University of Tennessee. (0 diagrams)
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