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Title Contributor(s) Date
Language Diagrams
Approaching the square of opposition in terms of the $f$-indexes of inclusion and contradiction Madrid, Nicolás;
Ojeda-Aciego, Manuel
2024 English 0
An explainable prediction method based on Fuzzy Rough Sets, TOPSIS and hexagons of opposition: Applications to the analysis of Information Disorder Gaeta, Angelo;
Loia, Vincenzo;
Orciuoli, Francesco
2024 English 0
Boolean Subtypes of the U4 Hexagon of Opposition Demey, Lorenz;
Erbas, Doruk Atahan
2024 English 13
Display Conventions for Octagons of Opposition Makinson, David 2024 English 0
Klassische Deutsche Philosophie. Wege in die Zukunft Lewin, Michael (ed.) 2024 German 0
Neue Forschung zur formalen Logik bei Kant Beziau, Jean-Yves;
Kovač, Srećko;
Lemanski, Jens
2024 German 0
Other People's Liberties Halpin, Andrew 2024 English 0
Deciphering the Genome of Constitutionalism. The Foundations and Future of Constitutional Identity Hirschl, Ran (ed.);
Roznai, Yaniv (ed.)
2024 English 0
Contrariness and Contradiction in Constitutional Law Elkins, Zachary;
Ginsburg, Tom
2024 English 0
Critical Thinking. An Introduction to Reasoning Well Watson, Jamie Carlin;
Arp, Robert;
King, Skyler
2024 English 1
Universal Logic, Ethics, and Truth. Essays in Honor of John Corcoran (1937 - 2021) Madigan, Timothy J. (ed.);
Beziau, Jean-Yves (ed.)
2024 English 0
Ex Incompatibilitate Sequitur Quodlibet (The Explosiveness of Incompatibility and the Compatibility of Negation) Beziau, Jean-Yves 2024 English 0
Computational Techniques for Intelligence Analysis. A Cognitive Approach Loia, Vincenzo;
Orciuoli, Francesco;
Gaeta, Angelo
2023 English 0
Aristotelian Diagrams for the Proportional Quantifier 'Most' Smessaert, Hans;
Demey, Lorenz
2023 English 0
The Modal Logic of Aristotelian Diagrams Frijters, Stef;
Demey, Lorenz
2023 English 0
A Relational Semantics for Ockham's Modalities Falessi, Davide;
Schang, Fabien
2023 English 0
Hegel's Logic of Self-Predication Moss, Gregory S. 2023 English 2
Varieties of Necessity in John Buridan. Logic and Natural Philosophy in the Late Middle Ages Alt, Guido 2023 English 3
Aristotelian Fragments and Subdiagrams for the Boolean Algebra $\mathbb{B}_5$ Roelandt, Koen;
Smessaert, Hans
2023 English 0
A formal, diagrammatic, and operational study of normative relations Pascucci, Matteo;
Sileno, Giovanni
2023 English 0
Deontic Logic and Normative Systems (DEON 2023) Maranhão, Juliano (ed.);
Peterson, Clayton (ed.);
Straßer, Christian (ed.);
van der Torre, Leendert (ed.)
2023 English 0
Allowed, or enabled, that is the question Sileno, Giovanni;
Pascucci, Matteo;
Markovich, Réka
2023 English 0
Terminology, Ontology and their Implementations Elkin, Peter L. (ed.) 2023 English 0
History of Health Terminology Elkin, Peter L.;
Smith, Barry
2023 English 1
The use of scholastic concepts in describing fighting technique in European fight books (1400-1600) as cultural and intellectual markers Jacquet, Daniel 2023 English 0
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