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Language Diagrams
The Exoteric Square of Opposition Beziau, Jean-Yves (ed.);
Vandoulakis, Ioannis M. (ed.)
2022 English 0
Augustus De Morgan's Unpublished Octagon of Opposition Heinemann, Anna-Sophie;
Demey, Lorenz
2022 English 0
Possibility and Necessity in the Time of Peter Abelard Binini, Irene 2022 English 0
Divine Action. Challenges for Muslim and Christian Theology Sanders, John (ed.);
von Stosch, Klaus (ed.)
2022 English 0
Philosophical Arguments for an Openist Account of Divine Action Boyd, Gregory A. 2022 English 0
On kno-rights and no-rights Halpin, Andrew 2022 English 0
A Formal Analysis of Generalized Peterson's Syllogisms Related to Graded Peterson's Cube Fiala, Karel;
Murinová, Petra
2022 English 0
Graded cubes of opposition in fuzzy formal concept analysis Boffa, Stefania;
Murinová, Petra;
Novák, Vilém;
Ferbas, Petr
2022 English 0
Logics of (In)sane and (Un)reliable Beliefs Fan, Jie 2022 English 1
The natural history of negation phenomena Veloudis, Ioannis 2022 English 0
Brouwer’s Notion of 'Egoicity' Restović, Ivan 2022 English 0
The Modal Logic of John Fabri of Valenciennes (c. 1500). A Study in Token-Based Semantics Geudens, Christophe;
Demey, Lorenz
2022 English 0
Aristotelian Diagrams for Semantic and Syntactic Consequence Demey, Lorenz 2021 English 7
Measuring evidence: a probabilistic approach to an extension of Belnap-Dunn logic Rodrigues, Abilio;
Bueno-Soler, Juliana;
Carnielli, Walter
2021 English 0
Doctors have an obligation to care for their patients. Term-modal logics for ethical reasoning with quantified deontic statements Frijters, Stef 2021 English 0
Graded polygons of opposition in fuzzy formal concept analysis Boffa, Stefania;
Murinová, Petra;
Novák, Vilém
2021 English 16
Weten wat telt in tijden van crisis Pattyn, Bart (ed.);
d'Hoine, Pieter (ed.)
2021 Dutch 0
Aristotelische diagrammen: eeuwenoud, springlevend. Een stand van zaken in de logische meetkunde Demey, Lorenz 2021 Dutch 0
The Routledge Companion to Medieval Philosophy Cross, Richard (ed.);
Paasch, JT (ed.)
2021 English 0
Modal Logic Johnston, Spencer 2021 English 0
Introduction to Logic and Logical Discourse Sendy, Satya Sundar 2021 English 0
Abaelards Logik Lenzen, Wolfgang 2021 German 0
Theoremus. A Student's Guide to Mathematical Proofs Cruz, Lito Perez 2021 English 0
Saving the Square of Opposition Seuren, Pieter A. M. 2021 English 0
Logic-Sensitivity of Aristotelian Diagrams in Non-Normal Modal Logics Demey, Lorenz 2021 English 34
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