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Title Contributor(s) Date
Language Diagrams
A Natural History of Negation Horn, Laurence 2001 English 19
Aristotelian Relations in PDL: The Hypercube of Dynamic Oppositions García-Cruz, José David 2017 English 18
Histoire d'*O: Lexical Pragmatics and the Geometry of Opposition Horn, Laurence 2012 English 18
The Medieval Octagon of Opposition for Sentences with Quantified Predicates Campos Benítez, Juan Manuel 2014 English 16
Graded polygons of opposition in fuzzy formal concept analysis Boffa, Stefania;
Murinová, Petra;
Novák, Vilém
2021 English 16
Hypercubes of Duality Libert, Thierry 2012 English 15
Das deontologische Sechseck bei Gottfried Achenwall im Jahre 1767 Hruschka, Joachim 1986 German 14
Structures of Oppositions in Public Announcement Logic Demey, Lorenz 2012 English 14
The New Rising of the Square of Opposition Beziau, Jean-Yves 2012 English 14
How to Square Knowledge and Belief Lenzen, Wolfgang 2012 English 14
The metalogical hexagon of opposition Beziau, Jean-Yves 2013 English 13
Disentangling Contradiction from Contrariety via Incompatibility Beziau, Jean-Yves 2016 English 13
Summulae Logicae Usitata in Scholis Methodo propositae Dedelley, Jacob 1738 Latin 13
An Examination of Aristotelian Modality Munshi, Salma 1984 English 13
From the Logical Square to Blanché's Hexagon: Formalization, Applicability and the Idea of the Normative Structure of Thought Dufatanye, Aimable-André 2012 English 12
The Square of Opposition in Catholic hands: a chapter in the history of 20th-century logic Jaspers, Dany;
Seuren, Pieter A. M.
2016 English 12
General Patterns of Opposition Squares and 2n-gons Chow, Ka-fat 2012 English 12
Graded Structures of Opposition in Fuzzy Natural Logic Murinová, Petra 2020 English 12
The Hexagon of Paintings Chantilly, Catherine;
Beziau, Jean-Yves
2017 English 11
Computing the maximal Boolean complexity of families of Aristotelian diagrams Demey, Lorenz 2018 English 11
A New Square of Opposition: Eubouliatic Logic Anderson, Alan Ross 1968 English 11
The Logical Square and the Table of Oppositions. Five Puzzles about the Traditional Square of Opposition Solved by Taking up a Hint from Frege Kienzler, Wolfgang 2012 English 11
The Structure of Oppositions in Rough Set Theory and Formal Concept Analysis - Toward a New Bridge between the Two Settings Ciucci, Davide;
Dubois, Didier;
Prade, Henri
2014 English 11
Logic. Part I Johnson, W. E. 1921 English 10
Not Only Barbara Dekker, Paul 2015 English 10
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