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Language Diagrams
Logic Programs, Norms and Action. Essays in Honor of Marek J. Sergot on the Occasion of His 60th Birthday Artikis, Alexander (ed.);
Craven, Robert (ed.);
Çiçekli, Nihan Kesim (ed.);
Sadighi, Babak (ed.);
Stathis, Kostas (ed.)
2012 English 0
De lexicalisatie van rechtsnormen. Deontische modaliteit en negatie in Nederlandstalige regelgevende teksten Deschamps, Karen 2009 Dutch 0
Rights, Law, and the Right Sparrow, Edward G. 1993 English 0
The Definition of 'Norm Conflict' in International Law and Legal Theory Vranes, Erich 2006 English 0
Die Idee der Wissenschaft. Ihr Schicksal in Physik, Rechtswissenschaft und Theologie Honerkamp, Josef 2017 German 0
Supererogation: Vom deontologischen Sechseck zum deontologischen Zehneck Hruschka, Joachim;
Joerden, Jan C.
1987 German 0
Some Alleged Differences Between Imperatives and Indicatives Hare, R. M. 1967 English 0
Towards a New Brentanian Theory of Judgment Bacigalupo, Giuliano 2018 English 0
Medieval Supposition Theory Revisited Bos, E. P. (ed.) 2013 English 0
Philander Colutius's Logicae universae typus (1606) and the visualization of logic Berger, Susanna 2015 English 0
Zur Problematik des logischen Quadrats in der deontischen Logik Holländer, Pavel;
Knapp, Viktor
1991 German 0
An Analysis of Rights Stoljar, Samuel 1984 English 0
Stit, Iit, and Deontic Logic for Action Types Bentzen, Martin Mose 2010 English 0
The Geometry of Standard Deontic Logic Moretti, Alessio 2009 English 0
The Geometry of Logical Opposition Moretti, Alessio 2009 English 0
Most or the Art of Compositionality. Dutch de/het meeste at the Syntax-Semantics Interface Roelandt, Koen 2016 English 0
Mathematization and Vergessenmachen in the Historiography of Logic Demey, Lorenz 2020 English 0
Einführung in die angewandte Logik Bucher, Theodor 1987 German 0
Inleiding tot de symbolische logica de Swart, Harrie;
Hubbeling, Hubertus G.
1976 Dutch 0
Norm en logica. Opmerkingen over logica en rationaliteit in het normatief redeneren met name in het recht Soeteman, Arend 1981 Dutch 0
Doing well enough: Toward a logic for common-sense morality McNamara, Paul 1996 English 0
Imperatives and Contradiction Bergström, Lars 1970 English 0
The Stone-Tammelo Deontic Logic Mullock, Philip 1975 English 0
Logic and Liberty Mullock, Philip 1979 English 0
Fundamental Legal Conceptions Reconsidered Halpin, Andrew 2003 English 0
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