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a logical geometry project

Around and Beyond the Square of Opposition (2012)

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The database contains 21 chapters from this book, with a total of 187 diagrams.

Giovagnoli, Raffaela. 2012. “Why the Fregean ‘Square of Opposition’ Matters for Epistemology.” (1 diagram)
Kearns, John T. 2012. “Two Concepts of Opposition, Multiple Squares.” (4 diagrams)
Seuren, Pieter A. M. 2012. “Does a Leaking O-Corner Save the Square?” (3 diagrams)
Schang, Fabien. 2012. “Oppositions and Opposites.” (39 diagrams)
Freytes, Hector, Christian de Ronde, and Graciela Domenech. 2012. “The Square of Opposition in Orthomodular Logic.” (1 diagram)
Mélès, Baptiste. 2012. “No Group of Opposition for Constructive Logics: The Intuitionistic and Linear Cases.” (23 diagrams)
Chatti, Saloua. 2012. “Logical Oppositions in Arabic Logic: Avicenna and Averroes.” (3 diagrams)
D’Alfonso, Duilio. 2012. “The Square of Opposition and Generalized Quantifiers.” (5 diagrams)
Gerogiorgakis, Stamatios. 2012. “Privations, Negations and the Square: Basic Elements of a Logic of Privations.” (2 diagrams)
Cavaliere, Ferdinando. 2012. “Fuzzy Syllogisms, Numerical Square, Triangle of Contraries, Inter-Bivalence.” (8 diagrams)
Chow, Ka-fat. 2012. “General Patterns of Opposition Squares and 2n-Gons.” (12 diagrams)
Desclés, Jean-Pierre, and Anca Pascu. 2012. “The Cube Generalizing Aristotle’s Square in Logic of Determination of Objects (LDO).” (1 diagram)
Libert, Thierry. 2012. “Hypercubes of Duality.” (15 diagrams)
Beziau, Jean-Yves. 2012. “The New Rising of the Square of Opposition.” (14 diagrams)
Lenzen, Wolfgang. 2012. “How to Square Knowledge and Belief.” (14 diagrams)
Demey, Lorenz. 2012. “Structures of Oppositions in Public Announcement Logic.” (14 diagrams)
Kovač, Srećko. 2012. “Logical Opposition and Collective Decisions.” (8 diagrams)
Correia, Manuel. 2012. “Boethius on the Square of Opposition.” (1 diagram)
Alcantara, Jean-Pascal. 2012. “Leibniz, Modal Logic and Possible World Semantics: The Apulean Square as a Procrustean Bed for His Modal Metaphysics.” (7 diagrams)
Jacquette, Dale. 2012. “Thinking Outside the Square of Opposition Box.” (6 diagrams)
Read, Stephen. 2012. “John Buridan’s Theory of Consequence and His Octagons of Opposition.” (6 diagrams)
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