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Language Diagrams
‘‘When we say no we mean no’’: Interpreting negation in vision and language Giora, Rachel;
Heruti, Vered;
Metuki, Nili;
Fein, Ofer
2009 English 0
¿Conocían los lógicos medievales el sistema S5 de Lewis? Una respuesta desde el octágono modal medieval Campos Benítez, Juan Manuel 2020 Spanish 0
Zur Problematik des logischen Quadrats in der deontischen Logik Holländer, Pavel;
Knapp, Viktor
1991 German 0
Zur logischen Struktur von "Goldene-Regel"-Argumenten im Sinne Hares Hoche, Hans-Ulrich 1983 English 0
Zum Paradigma der Analytischen Chemie Malissa, Hanns 1988 German 0
Writings of Charles S. Peirce. A Chronological Edition. Volume 4. 1879 - 1884 Peirce, Charles S.;
Kloesel, Christian J. W. (ed.);
Fisch, Max H. (ed.);
Houser, Nathan (ed.);
Niklas, Ursula (ed.);
Simon, Marc (ed.);
Roberts, Don D. (ed.);
Houser, Aleta (ed.)
1989 English 0
Words in Edgewise Horn, Laurence 2018 English 0
WJ-40: Issues in the Investigation of Implicature Horn, Laurence 2010 English 2
WJ-40: Implicature, truth, and meaning Horn, Laurence 2009 English 0
William Percy's Logical Song Teramura, Misha 2019 English 0
William of Sherwood's Introduction to Logic of Sherwood, William;
Kretzmann, Norman (ed.)
1966 English 0
William of Sherwood. Introductiones in Logicam. Einführung in die Logik of Sherwood, William;
Brands, Hartmut (ed.);
Kann, Christoph (ed.)
1995 English 0
William of Sherwood, Singular Propositions and the Hexagon of Opposition Khomskii, Yurii 2012 English 0
William of Sherwood, 'Introductiones in Logicam'. Critical Text of Sherwood, William;
Lohr, Charles H. (ed.);
Kunze, Peter (ed.);
Mussler, Bernhard (ed.)
1983 Latin 0
Why the Logical Hexagon? Moretti, Alessio 2012 English 0
Why the Fregean "Square of Opposition" Matters for Epistemology Giovagnoli, Raffaela 2012 English 1
Why Care beyond the Square? Classical and Extended Shapes of Oppositions in Their Application to "Introspective Disputes" Fink, Sascha Benjamin 2017 English 0
Why are there no negative particulars? Horn's conjecture revisited Moeschler, Jacques 2007 English 0
Who is Afraid of Contrary Emotions? Calabi, Clotilde;
Santambrogio, Marco
2018 English 0
Where Semantics Meets Pragmatics von Heusinger, Klaus (ed.);
Turner, Ken (ed.)
2006 English 0
What is the O-Corner Interpretation and Does it Save the Traditional Square of Opposition? Başoğlu, Yavuz Recep 2019 English 0
Weten wat telt in tijden van crisis Pattyn, Bart (ed.);
d'Hoine, Pieter (ed.)
2021 Dutch 0
Wat is Negation? Gabbay, Dov M. (ed.);
Wansing, Heinrich (ed.)
1999 English 0
Was wir von Aristoteles über die Bedeutung deutscher Wörter lernen können: Über konversationelle Implikaturen und Wortsemantik Becker, Thomas 1997 German 0
Was Lewis Carroll an Amazing Oppositional Geometer? Moretti, Alessio 2014 English 120
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