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a logical geometry project

José Martín Castro-Manzano

José Martín Castro-Manzano authored the following 3 sources, containing a total of 3 diagrams.

Castro-Manzano, José Martín. 2019. “An Intermediate Term Functor Logic.” Argumentos - Revista de Filosofia 11 (22): 17–31. (1 diagram)
Castro-Manzano, José Martín. 2013. “A Defeasible Logic of Intention.” In Advances in Artificial Intelligence (MICAI 2012), Part I, edited by Ildar Batyrshin and Miguel González Mendoza, 321–333. Berlin: Springer. (1 diagram)
Castro-Manzano, José Martín, Axel Arturo Barceló-Aspeitia, and Alejandro Guerra-Hernández. 2011. “Intentional Reasoning as Non-Monotonic Reasoning.” In LANMR 2011: Proceedings of the Seventh Latin American Workshop on Non-Monotonic Reasoning 2011, edited by Mauricio Osorio, Claudia Zepeda, Ivan Olmos, José Luis Carballido, José Arrazola, and Carolina Medina, 23–34. CEUR-WS. (1 diagram)
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