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Language Diagrams
Was Lewis Carroll an Amazing Oppositional Geometer? Moretti, Alessio 2014 English 120
Metalogical Decorations of Logical Diagrams Demey, Lorenz;
Smessaert, Hans
2016 English 87
The Power of the Hexagon Beziau, Jean-Yves 2012 English 49
Logical Squares for Classical Logic Sentences Wybraniec-Skardowska, Urszula 2016 English 45
"Setting" n-Opposition Pellissier, Régis 2008 English 40
Logical Extensions of Aristotle's Square Luzeaux, Dominique;
Sallantin, Jean;
Dartnell, Christopher
2008 English 39
Oppositions and Opposites Schang, Fabien 2012 English 39
Logic-Sensitivity of Aristotelian Diagrams in Non-Normal Modal Logics Demey, Lorenz 2021 English 34
Evidence and Meaning. Studies in Analytic Philosophy Fogelin, Robert J. 1967 English 31
Logical Geometries and Information in the Square of Oppositions Smessaert, Hans;
Demey, Lorenz
2014 English 27
The Cube, the Square and the Problem of Existential Import Chatti, Saloua;
Schang, Fabien
2013 English 26
An analogical hexagon Beziau, Jean-Yves 2018 English 26
Generalization and Composition of Modal Squares of Oppositions Pizzi, Claudio 2016 English 25
Combinatorial Bitstring Semantics for Arbitrary Logical Fragments Demey, Lorenz;
Smessaert, Hans
2018 English 24
The Classical Aristotelian Hexagon Versus the Modern Duality Hexagon Smessaert, Hans 2012 English 23
No Group of Opposition for Constructive Logics: The Intuitionistic and Linear Cases Mélès, Baptiste 2012 English 23
Abbonis Floriacensis Opera Inedita. I. Syllogismorum Categoricorum et Hypotheticorum Enodatio Floriacensis, Abbo;
van de Vyver, André (ed.)
1966 Latin 22
Libellus de propositionibus et syllogismis categoricis Floriacensis, Abbo 901–1100 Latin 22
De syllogismis categoricis Floriacensis, Abbo 975–1025 Latin 22
Structures of Opposition and Comparisons: Boolean and Gradual Cases Dubois, Didier;
Prade, Henri;
Rico, Agnès
2020 English 20
Libellus de propositionibus et syllogismis categoricis Floriacensis, Abbo 901–1100 Latin 20
Between Square and Hexagon in Oresme's Livre du Ciel et du Monde Demey, Lorenz 2020 English 19
Quadratum auctum Englebretsen, George 1984 English 19
Was wir von Aristoteles über die Bedeutung deutscher Wörter lernen können: Über konversationelle Implikaturen und Wortsemantik Becker, Thomas 1997 German 19
A Natural History of Negation Horn, Laurence 1989 English 19
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