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a logical geometry project

Saloua Chatti

Saloua Chatti authored the following 7 sources, containing a total of 46 diagrams.

Chatti, Saloua. 2022. “Logical Oppositions in Avicenna’s Hypothetical Logic.” In The Exoteric Square of Opposition, edited by Jean-Yves Beziau and Ioannis M. Vandoulakis, 53–88. Cham: Springer. (0 diagrams)
Chatti, Saloua. 2022. “Two Squares of Opposition in Two Arabic Treatises: Al-Suhrawardī and al-Sanūsī.” Logica Universalis 16 (4): 545–580. (0 diagrams)
Chatti, Saloua. 2019. Arabic Logic from Al-Farabi to Averroes. A Study of the Early Arabic Categorical, Modal, and Hypothetical Syllogistics. Basel: Springer. (4 diagrams)
Chatti, Saloua. 2016. “Les Oppositions Modales dans la Logique d’Al Fārābi.” In Soyons Logiques. Let’s be Logical, edited by Amirouche Moktefi, Alessio Moretti, and Fabien Schang, 11–29. London: College Publications. (5 diagrams)
Chatti, Saloua. 2014. “Avicenna on Possibility and Necessity.” History and Philosophy of Logic 35 (4): 332–353. (8 diagrams)
Chatti, Saloua, and Fabien Schang. 2013. “The Cube, the Square and the Problem of Existential Import.” History and Philosophy of Logic 34 (2): 101–132. (26 diagrams)
Chatti, Saloua. 2012. “Logical Oppositions in Arabic Logic: Avicenna and Averroes.” In Around and Beyond the Square of Opposition, edited by Jean-Yves Beziau and Dale Jacquette, 21–40. Basel: Springer. (3 diagrams)
Saloua Chatti edited the following 1 source, containing a total of 0 diagrams.
Chatti, Saloua, ed. 2015. Le carré et ses extensions: Approches théoriques, pratiques et historiques. Tunis: Université de Tunis. (0 diagrams)
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