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Sources (1716 to 1740 of 1893)

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Title Contributor(s) Date
Language Diagrams
Aristotle and Corruptibility Williams, Christopher John Fardo 1965 English 0
Aristotle (384 B.C.E.-322 B.C.E.) Humphreys, Justin English 0
Aristotelische diagrammen: eeuwenoud, springlevend. Een stand van zaken in de logische meetkunde Demey, Lorenz 2021 Dutch 7
Aristotelis Stagyrite Dialectica Eck, John 1517 Latin 0
Aristotelian Syllogisms and Generalized Quantifiers Westerståhl, Dag 1989 English 1
Aristotelian Relations in PDL: The Hypercube of Dynamic Oppositions García-Cruz, José David 2017 English 18
Aristotelian logic in China - A case study of the Chinese translations of Euclid's Elements Yuan, Jinmei 2005 English 0
Aristotelian Logic Parry, William T.;
Hacker, Edward A.
1991 English 8
Aristotelian Fragments and Subdiagrams for the Boolean Algebra $\mathbb{B}_5$ Roelandt, Koen;
Smessaert, Hans
2023 English 0
Aristotelian Diagrams in the Debate on Future Contingents Demey, Lorenz 2019 English 5
Aristotelian Diagrams for the Proportional Quantifier 'Most' Smessaert, Hans;
Demey, Lorenz
2023 English 0
Aristotelian Diagrams for Semantic and Syntactic Consequence Demey, Lorenz 2021 English 7
Aristotelian Contraries Bogen, James 1991 English 1
Aristotelian and Duality Relations Beyond the Square of Opposition Demey, Lorenz;
Smessaert, Hans
2018 English 9
Arguing from Molinism to Neo-Molinism Hess, Elijah 2015 English 2
Are There Necessary Truths About Rights? Coyle, Sean 2002 English 0
Arabic Logic from al-Farabi to Averroes. A Study of the Early Arabic Categorical, Modal, and Hypothetical Syllogistics Chatti, Saloua 2019 English 4
Apuntes de Lógica Arredondo y García, Agustín 1903 Spanish 1
Apuleius, de interpret. 180, 20 - 181, 7 (Thomas). Goldbachers Änderung der Überlieferung und die Folgen Gombocz, Wolfgang Leopold 1988 German 0
Apuleius' Peri Ermeneion Apuleius, Lucius;
Meiss, Ph. (ed.)
1886 Latin 1
Apuleius Madaurensis Platonicus, serio castigatus Apuleius, Lucius;
Scriverius, Petrus (ed.)
1624 Latin 0
Apuleius is better still: A correction to the square of opposition [De Interpretatione 180,19-181, 7 Thomas] Gombocz, Wolfgang Leopold 1990 English 2
Apuleius and the Square of Opposition Londey, David;
Johanson, Carmen
1984 English 1
Apuleius and Martianus Capella: Reception, Pedagogy, and the Dialectics of Canon Kahane, Ahuvia 2021 English 0
Apuleii opera omnia. Tomus secundus Apuleius, Lucius;
van Oudendorp, Frans (ed.)
1823 Latin 1
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