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a logical geometry project

Sources (1716 to 1740 of 1758)

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Title Contributor(s) Date
Language Diagrams
A Modern Introduction to Logic Stebbing, L. S. 1942 English 1
A Modern Elementary Logic Stebbing, L. S. 1952 English 1
A Love whereof Non- Shall Speak. Reflections on Naming; of "Non-Representational Theory" Harrison, Paul 2021 English 1
A Logical Analysis of Freedom of Thought Markovich, Réka;
Roy, Olivier
2021 English 0
A Judgmental Reconstruction of Some of Professor Woleński's Logical and Philosophical Writings Schang, Fabien 2020 English 0
A History of the Multimodal Classroom from Antiquity to the Nineteenth Century Gaudin, John 2019 English 1
A History of Logic Diagrams Moktefi, Amirouche;
Shin, Sun-Joo
2012 English 1
A History of Formal Logic Bocheński, Jozef;
Thomas, Ivo (trans.)
1961 English 4
A History of Connexivity McCall, Storrs 2012 English 2
A Hexagonal Framework of the Field $\mathbb{F}_4$ and the Associated Borromean Logic Guitart, René 2012 English 11
A Hexagon of Opposition for the Theism/Atheism Debate Demey, Lorenz 2019 English 3
A Guided Tour of Artificial Intelligence Research. 1. Knowledge Representation, Reasoning and Learning Marquis, Pierre (ed.);
Papini, Odile (ed.);
Prade, Henri (ed.)
2020 English 0
A Generalization of Hume's Thesis Woleński, Jan 2006 English 2
A General Semantics for Logics of Affirmation and Negation Schang, Fabien 2021 English 0
A Frequency Based Model for Lexicalization of Logical Operators Rimon, Adam 2018 English 0
A formal, diagrammatic, and operational study of normative relations Pascucci, Matteo;
Sileno, Giovanni
2023 English 0
A Formal Model of the Intermediate Quantifiers "A Few", "Several" and "A Little" Novák, Vilém;
Murinová, Petra
2019 English 1
A Formal Concept View of Abstract Argumentation Amgoud, Leila;
Prade, Henri
2013 English 1
A Formal Analysis of Generalized Peterson's Syllogisms Related to Graded Peterson's Cube Fiala, Karel;
Murinová, Petra
2022 English 2
A Few Worries About the Systematic Metaphysics of Open Future Open Theism Arbour, Benjamin H. 2019 English 1
A Diagrammatic Calculus of Syllogisms Pagnan, Ruggero 2012 English 1
A Diagrammatic Calculus of Syllogisms Pagnan, Ruggero 2013 English 1
A Defeasible Logic of Intention Castro-Manzano, José Martín 2013 English 1
A Database of Aristotelian Diagrams: Empirical Foundations for Logical Geometry Demey, Lorenz;
Smessaert, Hans
2022 English 0
A Cube of Opposition for Predicate Logic Nilsson, Jørgen Fischer 2020 English 8
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