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Sources (1589 to 1613 of 1650)

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Title Contributor(s) Date
Language Diagrams
Two Concepts of Opposition, Multiple Squares Kearns, John T. 2012 English 4
Two Logics of Modality Barber, Richard L. 1954 English 1
Two Squares of Oppositions and Their Applications in Pairwise Comparisons Analysis Schumann, Andrew;
Woleński, Jan
2016 English 0
Two Standard and Two Modal Squares of Opposition Raclavský, Jiří 2017 English 0
Überlegungen zum Begriff des Unrechtsstaats. Zugleich eine Annäherung an eine Passage zur Staatstypologie in Kants Anthropologie Joerden, Jan C. 1995 German 0
Un aperçu élémentaire des modalités déontiques Kalinowski, Jerzy 1976 French 5
Un système de fatalisme logique: Diodore Kronos Vuillemin, Jules 1984 French 0
Understanding Arguments. An Introduction to Informal Logic Sinnott-Armstrong, Walter;
Fogelin, Robert J.
2010 English 0
Understanding Empiricism Meyers, Robert G. 2006 English 0
Une exception allemande: la traduction du De Interpretatione par le Professeur Gohlke. La note 10 sur les indéterminées d'Aristote Monteil, Jean-François 2001 French 1
Une formalisation de quelques syllogismes modaux Stahl, Gérold 1976 French 0
Une généralisation du carré logique Stihi, Teodor 1973 French 0
Universal Logic as a Science of Patterns Gaines, Brian R. 2015 English 0
Universal moral grammar: theory, evidence and the future Mikhail, John 2007 English 1
Universal vs. particular reasoning: a study with neuroimaging techniques Abrusci, V. Michele;
Casadio, Claudia;
Medaglia, M. Teresa;
Porcaro, Camillo
2013 English 1
Universe restriction in the logic of language Seuren, Pieter A. M. 2014 English 0
Using Multigraphs to Study the Interaction between Opposition, Implication and Duality Relations in Logical Squares Demey, Lorenz;
Smessaert, Hans
2020 English 0
Using Syllogistics to Teach Metalogic Demey, Lorenz 2017 English 3
Using the Square of Opposition to Illustrate the Deontic and Alethic Relations Constituting Rights O'Reilly, Daniel T. 1995 English 0
Van redenering tot formele struktuur. Enige hoofdstukken uit de logika de Jong, Willem Remmelt;
de Pater, Wilhelmus Antonius
1981 Dutch 1
Vasil'év and Imaginary Logic Priest, Graham 2000 English 0
Vasiliev's Ideas for Non-Aristotelian Logics: Insight Towards Paraconsistency D'Ottaviano, Itala M. Loffredo;
Gomes, Evandro Luís
2017 English 0
Veridications and their Square of Opposition Strößner, Corina;
Strobach, Niko
2012 English 0
Vers un cube des oppositions van der Auwera, Johan;
Van Alsenoy, Lauren
2013 French 0
Violence Hexagon. Moral Philosophy Through Drawing Magnani, Lorenzo 2016 English 1
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