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a logical geometry project

Gyula Klima   (°1956)

Gyula Klima authored the following 2 sources, containing a total of 0 diagrams.

Klima, Gyula. 2009. John Buridan. Oxford: Oxford University Press. (0 diagrams)
Klima, Gyula. 2001. “Existence and Reference in Medieval Logic.” In New Essays in Free Logic. In Honour of Karel Lambert, edited by Edgar Morscher and Alexander Hieke, 197–226. Dordrecht: Kluwer. (0 diagrams)
Gyula Klima translated the following 1 source, containing a total of 0 diagrams.
Buridan, John. 2001. Summulae de Dialectica. Translated by Gyula Klima. New Haven, CT: Yale University Press. (0 diagrams)
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