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Diagram Source Date
Aristotelian Family
Geometric Shape The Square of Opposition and the Four Fundamental Choices, p. 136, by Drago, Antonino 2008 Sigma-4 Graph 4–16 Cube A Generalization of Hume's Thesis, p. 112, by Woleński, Jan 2006 Sigma-4 Graph 4–16 Square Foundations for a logic of arguments, p. 193, by Amgoud, Leila; Besnard, Philippe; Hunter, Anthony 2017 Sigma-4 Graph 4–16 Cube The Principles of Logic, for High Schools and Colleges, p. 96, by Schuyler, Aaron 1869 Sigma-4 Graph 4–16 Octagon 'This' as a Singular Quantifier, p. 525, by Mackie, J. L. 1958 Sigma-7 Ladder 8 Square A Formal Model of the Intermediate Quantifiers "A Few", "Several" and "A Little", p. 440, by Novák, Vilém; Murinová, Petra 2019 Sigma-7 Ladder 8 Rectangle Logic. Part I, p. 142, by Johnson, W. E. 1921 Keynes-Johnson Sigma-4 7 Octagon Leçons de logique formelle. Première partie. Logique ancienne - la logique des jugements prédicatifs, p. 128, by Dopp, Joseph 1949 Keynes-Johnson Sigma-4 7 Octagon Formal Logic, p. 141, by Dopp, Joseph; Ramirez, J. Roland E. (trans.); Sweeney, Robert D. (trans.) 1960 Keynes-Johnson Sigma-4 7 Octagon Studies and Exercises in Formal Logic (Fourth Edition), p. 144, by Keynes, J. N. 1906 Keynes-Johnson Sigma-4 7 Octagon Studies and Exercises in Formal Logic (Third Edition), p. 113, by Keynes, J. N. 1894 Keynes-Johnson Sigma-4 7 Octagon The octagon of opposition, p. 353, by Hacker, Edward A. 1975 Keynes-Johnson Sigma-4 7 Octagon Syllogisms Using "Few", "Many", and "Most", p. 77, by Thompson, Bruce 1982 Non-Sigma 7 Rectangle An intermediate term functor logic, p. 21, by Castro-Manzano, José Martín 2019 Non-Sigma 7 Rectangle Thinking Outside the Square of Opposition Box, p. 88, by Jacquette, Dale 2012 Keynes-Johnson Sigma-4 7 Octagon Fuzzy Syllogisms, Numerical Square, Triangle of Contraries, Inter-bivalence, p. 248, by Cavaliere, Ferdinando 2012 Non-Sigma 7 Rectangle Hypercubes of Duality, p. 297, by Libert, Thierry 2012 Keynes-Johnson Sigma-4 7 Rectangular Cuboid How to Square Knowledge and Belief, p. 310, by Lenzen, Wolfgang 2012 Sigma-6 Ladder 7 Rectangle A Formal Concept View of Abstract Argumentation, p. 9, by Amgoud, Leila; Prade, Henri 2013 Keynes-Johnson Sigma-4 7 Cube Structures of Opposition in Fuzzy Rough Sets, p. 5, by Ciucci, Davide; Dubois, Didier; Prade, Henri 2015 Keynes-Johnson Sigma-4 7 Cube Opposition and the Syllogism, p. 395, by de Laguna, Theodore 1912 Keynes-Johnson Sigma-4 7 Square Possibilistic Logic - An Overview, p. 292, by Dubois, Didier; Prade, Henri 2014 Keynes-Johnson Sigma-4 7 Cube A History of Logic Diagrams, p. 615, by Moktefi, Amirouche; Shin, Sun-Joo 2012 Keynes-Johnson Sigma-4 7 Octagon The medieval theory of consequence, p. 910, by Read, Stephen 2012 Buridan Sigma-4 6 Rectangle Logic. Part I, p. 145, by Johnson, W. E. 1921 Non-Sigma 6 Pentagon
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