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a logical geometry project

Jan Woleński   (°1940)

Also known as
Wolenski, Jan

Jan Woleński authored the following 14 sources, containing a total of 7 diagrams.

Woleński, Jan. 2021. “Searle and Conte on Deriving Ought from Is.” In Revisiting Searle on Deriving “Ought” from “Is,” edited by Paolo Di Lucia and Edoardo Fittipaldi, 239–251. Cham: Palgrave Macmillan. (0 diagrams)
Woleński, Jan. 2019. “Many-Valueness and Modality.” Ruch Filozoficzny 75 (2): 61–74. (0 diagrams)
Woleński, Jan. 2018. “Something, Nothing and Leibniz’s Question. Negation in Logic and Metaphysics.” Studies in Logic, Grammar and Rhetoric 54 (1): 175–190. (0 diagrams)
Schumann, Andrew, and Jan Woleński. 2016. “Two Squares of Oppositions and Their Applications in Pairwise Comparisons Analysis.” Fundamenta Informaticae 144 (3–4): 241–254. (0 diagrams)
Woleński, Jan. 2016. “On Analogical Concepts (Transcendentalia).” Studia Metodologiczne 37: 9–28. (0 diagrams)
Woleński, Jan. 2014. “An Abstract Approach to Bivalence.” Logic and Logical Philosophy 23 (1): 3–15. (0 diagrams)
Woleński, Jan. 2011. “Naturalism and the Unity of Science.” In Otto Neurath and the Unity of Science, edited by John Symons, Olga Pombo, and Juan Manuel Torres, 191–199. Dordrecht: Springer. (0 diagrams)
Woleński, Jan. 2010. “Truth and Consistency.” Axiomathes 20 (2–3): 347–355. (0 diagrams)
Woleński, Jan. 2009. “The Principle of Bivalence and Suszko Thesis.” Bulletin of the Section of Logic 38 (3–4): 99–110. (0 diagrams)
Woleński, Jan. 2008. “Applications of Squares of Oppositions and Their Generalizations in Philosophical Analysis.” Logica Universalis 2 (1): 13–29. (4 diagrams)
Woleński, Jan. 2006. “A Generalization of Hume’s Thesis.” Philosophia Scientiae 10 (1): 109–115. (2 diagrams)
Woleński, Jan. 2004. “On Some Logical Properties of ‘Is True.’” In Quantifiers, Questions and Quantum Physics. Essays on the Philosophy of Jaakko Hintikka, edited by Daniel Kolak and John Symons, 195–207. Dordrecht: Springer. (0 diagrams)
Woleński, Jan. 1998. “MacColl on Modalities.” Nordic Journal of Philosophical Logic 3 (1): 133–140. (0 diagrams)
Woleński, Jan. 1992. “A Note on Scepticism.” Kriterion. Zeitschrift Für Philosophie 2 (3): 18–19. (1 diagram)
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