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a logical geometry project

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Title Contributor(s) Date
Language Diagrams
Goedkoop of niet duur? Hoe interpreteren consumenten negaties en antoniemen Vervinckt, Joyca 2012 Dutch 0
Logic Programs, Norms and Action. Essays in Honor of Marek J. Sergot on the Occasion of His 60th Birthday Artikis, Alexander (ed.);
Craven, Robert (ed.);
Çiçekli, Nihan Kesim (ed.);
Sadighi, Babak (ed.);
Stathis, Kostas (ed.)
2012 English 0
Teaching Legal Theory with Venn Diagrams Burgess-Jackson, Keith 1998 English 1
Aristotle and the Moral Square of Opposition Gildin, Hilail 1970 English 1
Rights, Law, and the Right Sparrow, Edward G. 1993 English 0
Obligation and Permission: On a 'Deontic Hexagon' in Marsilius of Padua Tierney, Brian 2007 English 3
Liberty and Law. The Idea of Permissive Natural Law, 1100-1800 Tierney, Brian 2014 English 0
The Definition of 'Norm Conflict' in International Law and Legal Theory Vranes, Erich 2006 English 0
Violence Hexagon. Moral Philosophy Through Drawing Magnani, Lorenzo 2016 English 1
Deontological Square, Hexagon, and Decagon: A Deontic Framework for Supererogation Joerden, Jan C. 2012 English 0
On the Logic of Supererogation Joerden, Jan C. 1998 English 0
Tolerating Normative Conflicts in Deontic Logic Beirlaen, Mathieu 2012 English 1
Some Alleged Differences Between Imperatives and Indicatives Hare, R. M. 1967 English 0
Leibniz and the Square: A Deontic Logic for the Vir Bonus Johns, Chris 2014 English 1
Avicenna on Possibility and Necessity Chatti, Saloua 2014 English 8
Square of Opposition: A Diagram and a Theory in Historical Perspective Beziau, Jean-Yves;
Read, Stephen
2014 English 1
The Medieval Octagon of Opposition for Sentences with Quantified Predicates Campos Benítez, Juan Manuel 2014 English 16
The Moment of Change. A Systematic History in the Philosophy of Space and Time Strobach, Niko 1998 English 1
Was Lewis Carroll an Amazing Oppositional Geometer? Moretti, Alessio 2014 English 120
Why the Logical Hexagon? Moretti, Alessio 2012 English 0
Existence, the Square of Opposites, and Two-Dimensional Logic Max, Ingolf 1994 English 1
Nearly Every Normal Modal Logic is Paranormal Marcos, João 2005 English 2
Opposition of Compound Propositions Bahm, Archie J. 1946 English 3
A Précis of Mathematical Logic Bocheński, Jozef;
Bird, Otto (trans.)
1959 English 1
The Doctrine of Exponibilia in the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries Ashworth, E. Jennifer 1973 English 9
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