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Title Contributor(s) Date
Language Diagrams
Wat is Negation? Gabbay, Dov M. (ed.);
Wansing, Heinrich (ed.)
1999 English 0
Was wir von Aristoteles über die Bedeutung deutscher Wörter lernen können: Über konversationelle Implikaturen und Wortsemantik Becker, Thomas 1997 German 21
Was Lewis Carroll an Amazing Oppositional Geometer? Moretti, Alessio 2014 English 120
Was Arminius an (Unwitting) Determinist? Another Look at Arminius's Modal Logic McCall, Thomas H. 2014 English 2
Ware Dialectica Fuchsberger, Ortolf 1533 German 1
Ware Dialectica Fuchsberger, Ortolf 1556 German 0
Waarheid Demey, Lorenz 2019 Dutch 1
Vrais principes de philosophie scolastique Guers, Emile 1883 French 1
Von deontischen Quadraten - Kuben - Hyperkuben Philipps, Lothar 2012 German 7
Visualizations of the Square of Opposition Bernhard, Peter 2008 English 8
Visualising the Boolean Algebra $\mathbb{B}_4$ in 3D Smessaert, Hans;
Demey, Lorenz
2016 English 0
Visual Reasoning with Diagrams Moktefi, Amirouche (ed.);
Shin, Sun-Joo (ed.)
2013 English 0
Violence Hexagon. Moral Philosophy Through Drawing Magnani, Lorenzo 2016 English 1
Vers un cube des oppositions van der Auwera, Johan;
Van Alsenoy, Lauren
2013 French 0
Veridications and their Square of Opposition Strößner, Corina;
Strobach, Niko
2012 English 0
Vasiliev's Ideas for Non-Aristotelian Logics: Insight Towards Paraconsistency D'Ottaviano, Itala M. Loffredo;
Gomes, Evandro Luís
2017 English 0
Vasil'év and Imaginary Logic Priest, Graham 2000 English 0
Varieties of Necessity in John Buridan. Logic and Natural Philosophy in the Late Middle Ages Alt, Guido 2023 English 0
Van redenering tot formele struktuur. Enige hoofdstukken uit de logika de Jong, Willem Remmelt;
de Pater, Wilhelmus Antonius
1981 Dutch 1
Using the Square of Opposition to Illustrate the Deontic and Alethic Relations Constituting Rights O'Reilly, Daniel T. 1995 English 0
Using Syllogistics to Teach Metalogic Demey, Lorenz 2017 English 3
Using Multigraphs to Study the Interaction between Opposition, Implication and Duality Relations in Logical Squares Demey, Lorenz;
Smessaert, Hans
2020 English 0
Update rules and semantic universals Incurvati, Luca;
Sbardolini, Giorgio
2023 English 0
Universe restriction in the logic of language Seuren, Pieter A. M. 2014 English 0
Universal vs. particular reasoning: a study with neuroimaging techniques Abrusci, V. Michele;
Casadio, Claudia;
Medaglia, M. Teresa;
Porcaro, Camillo
2013 English 1
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