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a logical geometry project

Sources (1703 to 1727 of 1742)

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Title Contributor(s) Date
Language Diagrams
Color-Coded Epistemic Modes in a Jungian Hexagon of Opposition Stern, Julio M. 2022 English 0
Many-Valued Logical Hexagons in a 3-Oppositional Trisimplex Pellissier, Régis 2022 English 0
Tri-simplicial Contradiction: The "Pascalian 3D Simplex" for the Oppositional Tri-segment Moretti, Alessio 2022 English 0
Psychotherapist's Guide to Socratic Dialogue Montazeri, Mohammad Sadegh 2022 English 0
Fundamental Research on Detecting Contradictions in Requirements: Taxonomy and Semi-Automated Approach Gärtner, Alexander Elenga;
Fay, Tu-Anh;
Göhlich, Dietmar
2022 English 0
Categorical Propositions and Existential Import: A Post-modern Perspective Yi, Byeong-uk 2021 English 0
Katechismus der Logik Kirchner, Friedrich 1890 German 0
Aristotle's Square Revisited to Frame Discovery Science Afshar, Mohammad;
Dartnell, Christopher;
Luzeaux, Dominique;
Sallantin, Jean;
Tognetti, Yannick
2007 English 0
Dualization as a Metalogical Principle of a General Value Ioan, Petru 1989 English 0
Logică și metalogică Ioan, Petru 1983 Romanian 0
Logik. Die Wissenschaft des Denkens und Kritik aller Erkenntniss, zum Selbststudium und für Unterricht auf höhern Schulen. Erster Theil Troxler, Ignaz Paul Vital 1829 German 0
Sur deux classes d'opérateurs logiques modaux Mărghidanu, Dorin 1989 French 0
Configurations paradigmatiques sémio-logiques Mărghidanu, Dorin 1990 French 0
Diagrammatic and Modal Dimensions of the Syllogisms of Hegel and Peirce Redding, Paul 2022 English 0
Golden Jackal Optimization With Joint Opposite Selection: An Enhanced Nature-Inspired Optimization Algorithm for Solving Optimization Problems Arini, Florentina Yuni;
Sunat, Khamron;
Soomlek, Chitsutha
2022 English 0
Figuring It Out. Logic Diagrams Englebretsen, George 2020 English 0
Representing Time in Natural Language. The Dynamic Interpretation of Tense and Aspect ter Meulen, Alice G. B. 1995 English 0
Computational Techniques for Intelligence Analysis. A Cognitive Approach Loia, Vincenzo;
Orciuoli, Francesco;
Gaeta, Angelo
2023 English 0
Routledge Handbook on the Sciences in Islamicate Societies. Practices from the 2nd/8th to the 13th/19th Centuries Brentjes, Sonja (ed.) 2022 English 0
Logic. Didactics and visual representations Thomann, Johannes 2022 English 0
Aristotelian Diagrams for the Proportional Quantifier 'Most' Smessaert, Hans;
Demey, Lorenz
2023 English 0
Permanence vs. Termination: A Logical Analysis Pascucci, Matteo;
Pizzi, Claudio
2022 English 0
Two Squares of Opposition in Two Arabic Treatises: al-Suhrawardī and al-Sanūsī Chatti, Saloua 2022 English 0
Passages from Exponibilia: De 'immediate' Lax, Gaspar 1979 Latin 0
Elementa Logicae Eclecticae Herberth, Bardo 1773 Latin 0
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