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a logical geometry project

Sources (1703 to 1727 of 1881)

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Title Contributor(s) Date
Language Diagrams
Reasoning with Rules and Rights: Term-Modal Deontic Logic Frijters, Stef;
Meheus, Joke;
Van De Putte, Frederik
2022 English 0
The geometry of three-way decision Yao, Yiyu 2021 English 0
Revisiting Searle on Deriving "Ought" from "Is" Di Lucia, Paolo (ed.);
Fittipaldi, Edoardo (ed.)
2021 English 0
Searle and Conte on Deriving Ought from Is Woleński, Jan 2021 English 0
Medieval Theories of the Syllogism Lagerlund, Henrik 2022 English 0
The Art of Philosophy. Visual Thinking in Europe from the Late Renaissance to the Early Enlightenment Berger, Susanna 2017 English 0
Information Processing and Management of Uncertainty in Knowledge-Based Systems (IPMU 2022, Part 1) Ciucci, Davide (ed.);
Couso, Inés (ed.);
Medina, Jesús (ed.);
Ślęzak, Dominik (ed.);
Petturiti, Davide (ed.);
Bouchon-Meunier, Bernadette (ed.);
Yager, Roland R. (ed.)
2022 English 0
Modelling of Fuzzy Peterson's Syllogisms Related to Graded Peterson's Cube of Opposition Fiala, Karel;
Murinová, Petra
2022 English 0
Comparing Hexagons of Opposition in Probabilistic Rough Set Theory Boffa, Stefania;
Ciucci, Davide;
Murinová, Petra
2022 English 0
On Modeling of Fuzzy Peterson's Syllogisms Using Peterson's Rules Murinová, Petra;
Novák, Vilém
2022 English 0
In Search of Modal Hypodoxes using Paradox Hypodox Duality Eldridge-Smith, Peter 2022 English 0
The Scientific Art of Logic. An Introduction to the Principles of Formal and Material Logic Simmons, Edward D. 1961 English 0
Diagrammatic Representation and Inference Giardino, Valeria (ed.);
Linker, Sven (ed.);
Burns, Richard (ed.);
Bellucci, Francesco (ed.);
Boucheix, Jean-Michel (ed.);
Viana, Petrucio (ed.)
2022 English 0
Normatively Determined Propositions Pascucci, Matteo;
Pizzi, Claudio
2022 English 0
Generalizing Aristotelian Relations and Diagrams Frijters, Stef 2022 English 0
Introduction to Logic Copi, Irving M.;
Cohen, Carl;
McMahon, Kenneth
2014 English 0
Symbolic Logic Copi, Irving M. 1979 English 0
Logico-Philosophical Studies Menne, Albert (ed.) 1962 English 0
CS(n): An Extension of CS Thomas, Ivo 1962 English 0
Logical Relations Humberstone, Lloyd 2013 English 0
The Square of Opposition: Past, Present, and Future Beziau, Jean-Yves;
Vandoulakis, Ioannis M.
2022 English 0
Logical Oppositions in Avicenna's Hypothetical Logic Chatti, Saloua 2022 English 0
Incommensurability and Inapplicability of the Squares of Opposition Sharma, Sumanta Sarathi 2022 English 0
On the Logical Geometry of Geometric Angles Smessaert, Hans;
Demey, Lorenz
2022 English 0
The Square of Opposition as a Framework for Stephen Langton's Theological Solutions Trepczyński, Marcin 2022 English 0
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