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Sources (1614 to 1638 of 1652)

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Title Contributor(s) Date
Language Diagrams
Summa dialetice artis of Lucca, William;
Pozzi, Lorenzo (ed.)
1975 Latin 0
Divine Action. Challenges for Muslim and Christian Theology Sanders, John (ed.);
von Stosch, Klaus (ed.)
2022 English 0
Philosophical Arguments for an Openist Account of Divine Action Boyd, Gregory A. 2022 English 0
Essai sur la structure logique du Code civil français Ray, Jean 1926 French 0
The Ideology of Pope's Iliad Connelly, Peter J. 1988 English 0
Legal Knowledge and Information Systems (JURIX 2021) Schweighofer, Erich (ed.) 2021 English 0
Computability of Diagrammatic Theories for Normative Positions Pascucci, Matteo;
Sileno, Giovanni
2021 English 0
On kno-rights and no-rights Halpin, Andrew 2022 English 0
On the Aristotelian Roots of the Modal Square of Opposition Geudens, Christophe;
Demey, Lorenz
2021 English 0
Dialecticarum Praeceptionum libri duo Byrsaeus, Franciscus 1566 Latin 0
Dialecticarum Praeceptionum libri duo Byrsaeus, Franciscus 1565 Latin 0
Dialectica Rhodolphus, Chasparus 1544 Latin 0
Dialectica Rhodolphus, Chasparus 1550 Latin 0
Compendium dialectices Bologni, Giovanni 1550 Latin 0
Apuleius Madaurensis Platonicus, serio castigatus Apuleius, Lucius;
Scriverius, Petrus (ed.)
1624 Latin 0
World and Logic Lemanski, Jens 2021 English 0
A Formal Analysis of Generalized Peterson's Syllogisms Related to Graded Peterson's Cube Fiala, Karel;
Murinová, Petra
2022 English 0
Negative Coordination Gajić, Jovana 2019 English 0
Graded cubes of opposition in fuzzy formal concept analysis Boffa, Stefania;
Murinová, Petra;
Novák, Vilém;
Ferbas, Petr
2022 English 0
The natural history of negation phenomena Veloudis, Ioannis 2022 English 0
Brouwer’s Notion of 'Egoicity' Restović, Ivan 2022 English 0
Publishing Networks in France in the Early Era of Print Booton, Diane E. 2018 English 0
Frege. A Philosophical Biography Jacquette, Dale 2019 English 0
Existe-t-il une énantiosémie grammaticale? Réflexions à partir de la construction dative trivalente Legallois, Dominique 2013 French 0
The Modal Logic of John Fabri of Valenciennes (c. 1500). A Study in Token-Based Semantics Geudens, Christophe;
Demey, Lorenz
2022 English 0
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