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a logical geometry project

Paul Dekker

Paul Dekker authored the following 3 sources, containing a total of 14 diagrams.

Dekker, Paul. 2017. “Heraclitean Oppositions.” In New Dimensions of the Square of Opposition, edited by Jean-Yves Beziau and Stamatios Gerogiorgakis, 19–32. München: Philosophia Verlag. (0 diagrams)
Dekker, Paul. 2017. “Logical Conversions.” South American Journal of Logic 3 (2): 195–223. (4 diagrams)
Dekker, Paul. 2015. “Not Only Barbara.” Journal of Logic, Language and Information 24 (2): 95–129. (10 diagrams)
Paul Dekker edited the following 1 source, containing a total of 2 diagrams.
Aloni, Maria, and Paul Dekker, eds. 2016. The Cambridge Handbook of Formal Semantics. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. (2 diagrams)
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