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Title Contributor(s) Date
Language Diagrams
A.N. Prior's Logic Øhrstrøm, Peter;
Hasle, Per
2006 English 2
Einführung in die formale Logik für Philosophen Zoglauer, Thomas 2016 German 2
On the empty O-corner of the Aristotelian Square: A view from Singapore English Ziegeler, Debra 2017 English 0
Negation and Contact. With special focus on Singapore English Ziegeler, Debra (ed.);
Bao, Zhiming (ed.)
2017 English 0
Quantification under negative scope in Singapore English Ziegeler, Debra 2017 English 0
Axiomatization of Aristotelian Syllogistic Logic Based on Generalized Quantifier Theory Zhang, Xiaojun 2018 English 0
AIACT '17: 2017 International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Automation and Control Technologies Zhang, Dan (ed.);
Dian, Songyi (ed.)
2017 English 0
On the unity of duality Zeilberger, Noam 2008 English 0
Negative quantifiers Zeijlstra, Hedde 2020 English 0
Advances in Artificial Intelligence - SBIA 2008 Zaverucha, Gerson (ed.);
Loureiro da Costa, Augusto (ed.)
2008 English 0
Metanormative Principles and Norm Governed Social Interaction Žarnić, Berislav;
Bašić, Gabriela
2014 English 2
Commentaria cum Quaestionibus In Logicam Aristotelis Zanardus, Michael 1616 Latin 2
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy Zalta, Edward N. (ed.) English 0
Generalized Vasiliev-Style Propositions Zaitsev, Dmitry 2017 English 0
Tabulae Logicae Zabarella, Jacopo 1586 Latin 0
Tabulae Logicae Zabarella, Jacopo 1594 Latin 0
Tabulae Logicae Zabarella, Jacopo 1601 Latin 0
Tabulae Logicae Zabarella, Jacopo 1608 Latin 0
Aristotelian logic in China - A case study of the Chinese translations of Euclid's Elements Yuan, Jinmei 2005 English 0
Duality in Rough Set Theory Based on the Square of Opposition Yao, Yiyu 2013 English 0
Three-way conflict analysis: Reformulations and extensions of the Pawlak model Yao, Yiyu 2019 English 0
The geometry of three-way decision Yao, Yiyu 2021 English 0
Proceedings of the Twenty-Fourth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI 2015) Yang, Qiang (ed.);
Wooldridge, Michael (ed.)
2015 English 0
Monotonic Opaqueness in Deontic Contexts Yan, Jialiang;
Liu, Fenrong
2020 English 1
Logical Squares for Classical Logic Sentences Wybraniec-Skardowska, Urszula 2016 English 45
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