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a logical geometry project

New Dimensions of the Square of Opposition (2017)

Philosophia Verlag
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The database contains 15 chapters from this book, with a total of 1 diagram.

Pellissier, Régis. 2017. “Taoist Logical Hexagon. The Philosophical Meaning of 3-Opposition and Weak 2-Opposition in Cosmology.” (0 diagrams)
Dekker, Paul. 2017. “Heraclitean Oppositions.” (0 diagrams)
Pizzi, Claudio. 2017. “Contingency Logics and Modal Squares of Opposition.” (0 diagrams)
Ronde, Christian de, Hector Freytes, and Graciela Domenech. 2017. “Quantum Mechanics and the Interpretation of the Orthomodular Square of Opposition.” (0 diagrams)
Tranchini, Luca, and Michael Arndt. 2017. “A Constructive View of the Square of Oppositions.” (0 diagrams)
Shirazi, Fatemah Ayatollah Zadeh. 2017. “$2^n$-Polygon of Opposition and $2^n$-Tuples Satisfying It.” (0 diagrams)
Nicolas, François. 2017. “The Hexagon of Opposition in Music.” (0 diagrams)
Beziau, Jean-Yves. 2017. “Opposition and Order.” (0 diagrams)
Lemaire, Juliette. 2017. “Is Aristotle the Father of the Square of Opposition?” (0 diagrams)
Becker Arenhart, Jonas R., and Décio Krause. 2017. “Oppositions and Quantum Mechanics: Superposition and Identity.” (0 diagrams)
Gan-Krzywoszyńska, Katarzyna, and Piotr Leśniewski. 2017. “An Erotetic Hexagon: Oppositions as a Basis for the Logic of Questions.” (0 diagrams)
Tfouni, Fabio. 2017. “Interdiction and Silence: A Traditional Reading of the Square of Opposition.” (0 diagrams)
Gerogiorgakis, Stamatios. 2017. “A Vindication of a Secundum-Quid-et-Simpliciter Solution of the Paradox of Epimenides by Way of Mereological Hexagons.” (0 diagrams)
Alvarez, Enrique, and Manuel Correia. 2017. “Conversion and Opposition: Traditional and Theoretical Formulations.” (1 diagram)
Beziau, Jean-Yves, and Stamatios Gerogiorgakis. 2017. “The Many Dimensions of the Square of Opposition. Introduction.” (0 diagrams)
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