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a logical geometry project

Dany Jaspers   (°1958)

Dany Jaspers authored the following 6 sources, containing a total of 26 diagrams.

Jaspers, Dany. 2017. “Logic and Colour in Cognition, Logic and Philosophy.” In How Colours Matter to Philosophy, edited by Marcos Silva, 249–271. Cham: Springer. (0 diagrams)
Jaspers, Dany, and Pieter A. M. Seuren. 2016. “The Square of Opposition in Catholic Hands: A Chapter in the History of 20th-Century Logic.” Logique et Analyse 59 (233): 1–35. (12 diagrams)
Jaspers, Dany. 2015. “The English Tenses, Blanché and the Logical Kite.” In The Road to Universal Logic. Volume II, edited by Arnold Koslow and Arthur Buchsbaum, 319–337. Cham: Springer. (0 diagrams)
Seuren, Pieter A. M., and Dany Jaspers. 2014. “Logico-Cognitive Structure in the Lexicon.” Language 90 (3): 607–643. (0 diagrams)
Jaspers, Dany. 2012. “Logic and Colour.” Logica Universalis 6 (1–2): 227–248. (14 diagrams)
Jaspers, Dany. 2005. Operators in the Lexicon. On the Negative Logic of Natural Language. Utrecht: LOT Publications. (0 diagrams)
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