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a logical geometry project

Dag Westerståhl   (°1946)

Also known as
Westerstahl, Dag

Dag Westerståhl authored the following 4 sources, containing a total of 4 diagrams.

Westerståhl, Dag. 2016. “Generalized Quantifiers.” In The Cambridge Handbook of Formal Semantics, edited by Maria Aloni and Paul Dekker, 206–237. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. (1 diagram)
Westerståhl, Dag. 2012. “Classical vs. Modern Squares of Opposition, and Beyond.” In The Square of Opposition. A General Framework for Cognition, edited by Jean-Yves Beziau and Gillman Payette, 195–229. Bern: Peter Lang. (0 diagrams)
Peters, Stanley, and Dag Westerståhl. 2006. Quantifiers in Language and Logic. Oxford: Oxford University Press. (2 diagrams)
Westerståhl, Dag. 1989. “Aristotelian Syllogisms and Generalized Quantifiers.” Studia Logica 48 (4): 577–585. (1 diagram)
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