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Language Diagrams
The Routledge Companion to Medieval Philosophy Cross, Richard (ed.);
Paasch, JT (ed.)
2021 English 0
Modal Logic Johnston, Spencer 2021 English 0
Introduction to Logic and Logical Discourse Sendy, Satya Sundar 2021 English 0
Abaelards Logik Lenzen, Wolfgang 2021 German 0
Theoremus. A Student's Guide to Mathematical Proofs Cruz, Lito Perez 2021 English 0
Saving the Square of Opposition Seuren, Pieter A. M. 2021 English 0
Logic-Sensitivity of Aristotelian Diagrams in Non-Normal Modal Logics Demey, Lorenz 2021 English 34
Data Technology in Materials Modelling Horsch, Martin Thomas;
Chiacchiera, Silvia;
Cavalcanti, Welchy Leite;
Schembera, Björn
2021 English 2
Diagrammatic Representation and Inference Basu, Amrita (ed.);
Stapleton, Gem (ed.);
Linker, Sven (ed.);
Legg, Catherine (ed.);
Manalo, Emmanuel (ed.);
Viana, Petrucio (ed.)
2021 English 0
A comprehensive model and computational methods to improve Situation Awareness in Intelligence scenarios Gaeta, Angelo;
Loia, Vincenzo;
Orciuoli, Francesco
2021 English 0
Casting the Light of the Theory of Opposition onto Hohfeld's Concepts de Oliveira Lima, João Alberto;
Griffo, Cristine;
Almeida, João Paulo A.;
Guizzardi, Giancarlo;
Aranha, Marcio Iorio
2021 English 0
Analytische Explikationen & Interventionen / Analytical Explications & Interventions Ein Salzburger Symposium für und mit Georg Meggle Brandl, Johannes L. (ed.);
Kobow, Beatrice S. (ed.);
Messelken, Daniel (ed.)
2021 German 0
Grice und Moore's Paradox Lenzen, Wolfgang 2021 German 0
Detecting influential news in online communities: An approach based on hexagons of opposition generated by three-way decisions and probabilistic rough sets Abbruzzese, Roberto;
Gaeta, Angelo;
Loia, Vincenzo;
Lomasto, Luigi;
Orciuoli, Francesco
2021 English 0
Carolingian Structures of Logic and Learning: The Evidence of University of Pennsylvania Libraries LJS 101 Bachman, Christine E. 2021 English 0
The Subject Matter of Logic. Explaining what Logic is About Olsen, Elizabeth Grace 2021 English 0
Proceedings of the 14th International Joint Conference on Biomedical Engineering Systems and Technologies. Volume 3: Bioinformatics Lorenz, Ronny (ed.);
Fred, Ana (ed.);
Gamboa, Hugo (ed.)
2021 English 0
Logical Duality in Reactions of Amoeba Proteus Schumann, Andrew;
Bielas, Krzysztof;
Król, Jerzy
2021 English 0
Joint Proceedings of the 19th World Congress of the International Fuzzy Systems Association (IFSA), the 12th Conference of the European Society for Fuzzy Logic and Technology (EUSFLAT), and the 11th International Summer School on Aggregation Operators (AGOP) Mesiar, Radko (ed.);
Reformat, Marek Z. (ed.);
Štěpnička, Martin (ed.);
Hurtik, Petr (ed.)
2021 English 0
An Overview of Graded Structures of Opposition with Intermediate Quantifiers Murinová, Petra 2021 English 0
Approaching the Square of Oppositions in Terms of the f-indexes of Inclusion and Contradiction Madrid, Nicolás;
Ojeda-Aciego, Manuel
2021 English 0
A General Semantics for Logics of Affirmation and Negation Schang, Fabien 2021 English 0
Extended Syllogistics in Calculus CL Lemanski, Jens 2021 English 0
The Search for Symmetry in Hohfeldian Modalities Pascucci, Matteo;
Sileno, Giovanni
2021 English 0
What Kind of Opposition-Forming Operator is Privation? García-Cruz, José David 2021 English 0
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